“Supreme mycorrhizae based soil inoculants for every crop”

The MycoGold® Advantage

8-20% Yield

By improving nutrient uptake and soil biology, MycoGold® seed inoculant supports plant growth leading to yield increases.

10-25% Reduction
of Fertilizer

MycoGold®’s key bacteria and fungi work as bio fertilizers that fix Nitrogen, unlock P, and create better root development and soil biology which allows better uptake of nutrients.

Contains High Counts of Endo Fungi Propagules

By improving nutrient uptake and soil biology, MycoGold® seed inoculant supports plant growth leading to yield increases.

Improved Drought

Since MycoGold® seed inoculant supports water uptake from the soil, they strengthen plants in drought periods. This is a high importance in times of increasingly extreme climate conditions.

Improved Pest

Through root colonization, researchers have determined better plant defense against disease. The Beauveria Bassiana fungi grows endophytically through the plant defending against various insect pests.

Reduced Water

MycoGold® products expand plants’ root structure by creating underground hyphal networks that increase water absorption capabilities. This super-efficient water and nutrient intake results in a decreased water requirement for the plants – another saving for the growers.

The Hidden Wonders of Soil

“We know more about the movement of celestial bodies than about the soil underfoot,” said Leonardo da Vinci. Modern scientists say that remains the case today. But we are starting to get a glimpse into that world. One of the most recent discoveries revolves around what are called mycorrhizae. These are filaments of fungus that grow on plant roots. These fungi act as extensions to a plant’s root network, allowing it to draw nutrients from a much larger area. That in itself is amazing—plant and fungus working together to their mutual benefit. Researchers from the UK have recently found that these mycorrhizae link up, creating an underground Internet; connecting different plants together. Perhaps a telegraph system would be a better analogy. The researchers found that when aphids attacked one plant, it would communicate through these mycorrhizal filaments, warning other plants. Using this signal these plants go into defense mode, producing chemicals that repel aphids and call for reinforcements by secreting a chemical designed to attract wasps, which eat aphids. All this is from just one type of fungus. Yet dirt holds many more potential wonders.

MycoGold® Supreme Biological Seed Treatment

We are industry leaders when it comes to farming with biological input products in Eastern Europe and the United States. We are very excited to get this in the hands of U.S. farmers.

A common complaint that we often hear from farmers is that a host of biological products currently available are inconsistent in performance year to year. You may get yield increases one year and a zero the next year. We have solved this problem with the MycoGold® line of biological inoculants.

Our product delivers a positive ROI year after year. We don’t like “break even” products and we believe our sentiments are shared in that regard. Through various testing we have developed the perfect blend of high propagule count mycorrhizae, beauveria bassiana, crop specific beneficial bacteria, micronutrients, and a bio-stimulant package. We have combined these biological organisms with talc carriers that make the ultimate and most complete biological seed treatment arsenal available today.

Farmers are starting to take notice of the amazing benefits of biological inoculants and the results are visible for all. MycoGold®® works like a bio fertilizer and also allows the plant to utilize more of applied fertilizer, so it allows you to save money on your fertilizer program without compromise. Whether you grow soybeans, corn, peanuts, cotton, or wheat, if you are interested in exploring a real performing biological seed treatment, then look no further than MycoGold®.

Mycorrhizae Factoid

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