Using Complex Bio-Carb™ in concert with MycoGold® Bio-Inoculants provides an input strategy second to none.

Some of our first time customers start out using the MycoGold® Bio-Inoculant seed treatment along with their soil appropriate fertilizer program. While this is an effective and successful stand alone input strategy, we have experienced all positive results using an additional carbon source along with MycoGold®. Over the past couple of years, MycoGold® and our customers have been testing pur Inoculants with additional carbon source inputs. Our customers while using various carbon sources such as sugar and other carbon rich products that are soluble obtained excellent results. Testing included applications both in furrow and as a foliar. Carbon provides an additional food source for the microbial organisms contained within MycoGold®. All MycoGold® Bio-Inoculant product blends are an adequate three-course meal for live organisms. Adding an additional carbon source is like offering a twelve-course meal resulting in better plant growth at the most crucial growth cycles which increases production.
There are multiple carbon source conditioner products available. Considering all different carbon source products tested, we recommend using Complex Bio-Carb™ for its low cost, chelated form, extended release properties, performance, and overall efficacy. Complex Bio-Carb™ is available exclusively through MycoGold®.
Adding carbon to soil is critical in restoring health to the soil by increasing organic matter content. Producers in today’s modern agricultural systems are working with soils that contain far less carbon than our soils originally contained prior to the implementation of modern agriculture. All of our soils are now degraded. The good news is we now know how we can regenerate our soils and put the carbon back in soil.
So why is carbon so important? It’s the building block for soil health. As you increase the carbon content, you begin to improve the aggregate stability. These aggregates are formed by excretions from the soil microbes, which begin to stabilize the soil particles into larger aggregates. This provides the home for all the soil microbes living in these aggregates.
The carbon, nutrient, and water cycles in a healthy soil are all interrelated. In order for these cycles to perform to the best of their abilities, the soil must contain all of the necessary ingredients. If the soil is lacking carbon, the nutrient and water cycles are unable to perform to their highest abilities.
Mineral composition of a plant:
Carbon is 47% of all plants on a dry matter basis. Soil is one of the largest pools of carbon. Soil organic carbon losses have increased due to over application of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
Most soils no longer have the carbon levels or microbial activity needed to maintain high quality production agriculture. Complex Bio Barb will help feed live organisms in MycoGold® for maximum production.
1. Plant root exudates are a major source of food for soil organisms. The proliferation of soil bacteria and fungi is dependent upon root exudates.
2. Root exudates are composed of short and long chained carbon polysaccrides. If the carbon level in the soil is low, the roots become a major sink for plant sugars
3. High Brix production is achieved when the roots and subsequent soil microbes are well supplied with carbon.
4. Amending the soil or used as a foliar with a diverse, short and long chained, buffered carbon mimics the activities of the plant roots providing more food for the microbial organisms.
Carbon 47%
Oxygen 43%
Hydrogen 5%
Nitrogen 2%
Others 3%
Soil bacteria needs 24 times more carbon than nitrogen
Carbon is the corner stone of life. Using Complex Bio-Carb™ with MycoGold® Seed treatment is a fortified input combination.
Complex Bio-Carb™ is a high carbon microbial food designed to improve additional food for the microorganisms in MycoGold®.
Complex Bio-Carb™is a complex amino humic acid is enriched with natural nitrogen in chelated form ready for plant uptake.
Complex Bio-Carb™is buffered for controlled release effectively, feeding soil microorganisms for extended periods that make it superior to other carbon sources available.
Increasing the carbon and microbial activity of the soil by simply using both MycoGold® and Complex Bio Carb products can reduce soil born pathogens.

Carbon w/ MycoGold®, a Winning Combination

How is Complex Bio-Carb applied?

Complex Bio-Carb is a liquid and does not contain live organisms, it can be mixed with fertilizer and, or pesticides. There are a few combination application choices depending on your needs. The best combination is applying both at planting in furrow and as a foliar. (See label below for more information)

Complex Bio-Carb Label