MycoGold Peanut Blend is the only biological peanut inoculant product that provides the combination blend of Beauveria Bassiana, Mycorrhizal Fungi, Bio Stimulants, Azospirillum/Azotobacter Bacteria, and a group of highly effective micro-nutrients. These two biological fungi work symbiotically with the plant to produce a larger more efficient root system for better yields, provides drought stress protection, and defends soil pathogens and insects. There is no other peanut inoculant bio fertilizer on the market better for your peanut crops.


MycoGold® Biological Peanut Inoculant biological fertilizer is a cost effective product that will stimulate and increase the root system for a much more robust plant. This in turn will ensure your peanut plant has efficient water uptake, better nutrient uptake, and drought stress tolerance. Our tests have shown an average increase in yield of 14.2% over the last two years with a better quality peanut.

Our tests have shown that when peanut plants are treated with MycoGold® peanut inoculant, the efficiency dramatically increases in nutrient uptake. This has allowed for a 10%-20% reduction in fertilizer rates. The mycorrhizal fungi seek out NPK and other micronutrients with a more efficient enhanced root system.

A combination of beauveria bassiana and mycorrhizal fungi work together to provide the best biological inoculant in tandem for your peanut crop. The beauveria bassiana helps defend against soil pathogens and certain insect infestations while producing a robust plant. The mycorrhizal fungi increases the root absorption area 100 to 1000 times more than an untreated plant. The increased hyphae, or root hairs created by mycorrhizae allow for better absorption of P and other immobile nutrients. Azospirillum/Azotobacter bacteria help generate nitrogen. The chelated micronutrients give peanuts a boost during the initial growing stage allowing for a head start over control that pays dividends. The bio-stimulants in chelated form accelerate and promote the growth process. MycoGold® soluble powder biological peanut inoculant seed treatment provides more efficient uptake of moisture and nutrients making your peanut plants the most robust in the field.

Seed Application:

In a clean tank, add MycoGold® Biological Peanut Inoculant bio fertilizer in a ratio of 4 ounces of product per acre for volume of water. Maintain under agitation during application. Apply MycoGold® Biological Peanut Inoculant product within 6 hours of mixing into sprayer tank. Spray directly on seed pieces. See label for more information

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